Westbury Gates

Charltons Gates have been designed and manufactured to provide a long period of service. The life of the gate will be significantly extended if it is painted or stained correctly and hung with the hinges and mountings supplied with the gate.

Staining and Painting

If it is intended that the gate be stained then it is recommended you use a Sikkens stain. Sikkens products are a standard item at Bunnings and readily available. Suggested stains are Sikkens Cetol 077 Pine for a traditional English brown appearance or Sikkens Oak which is a little darker.

If painting the gate we suggest Dulux Weathershield. Dulux Natural White delivers a good result for white while Dulux ‘Colorbond’ Monument or Ironstone are good very dark colors. Many clients tend to avoid Black as a color because its appearance is a bit severe. The other ‘Colorbond’ colors also work well.

Hanging the gate

When measuring the distance between the posts you intend to utilise it is important you allow for both the length of the gate and the hinges, mountings and latches.

For a single gate you will need to allow 100mm at each of the gate for mountings, the hinges and the latch.

For a pair of gates you will need 100mm either side for the mountings and hinges and between the two gates.

Automating the gate

When automating your gate entrance the significant advantage of our 5 and 6 bar gates is that they have less wind resistance than gates with broader cross bars.

It is important that you utilise a Cut Out Switch mechanism which is commonly available. The alternative mechanism which relies on Current Resistance and also requires a stopper in the ground is not recommended.

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